News and announcements

News and announcements

Funeral Services for Frank Westberry

Funeral Services for Frank Westberry will be at Memorial Park

5750 49th St N

Visitation:  6-9PM Thursday, June 24

Visitation:  11AM-12PM Friday June 25

Masonic Presentation:  12:30-1PM

Eulogy:  1PM

Final Service at Crypt with Militay Honors 

Reception at Skyview church of Christ West Annex

Deacon Appointment


We are happy to announce David Hammontree was installed as Deacon today to serve the Skyview members. 


June 20, 2021
Today we had exceptional praise and worship with a record attendance of 84 for morning worship.   We had one baptism, Wesley Dunlap, put Christ on in baptism and we gained another family.  Wesley  his wife and young daughter will be worshiping with us.  We welcome them.  Also appointed to serve today, as an additional Deacon,  is David Hammontree.  David and his family have been worshiping with us for a year and we are greatful to have them with us.  We cannot thank and praise God enough for His wonderful blessings on the Skyview family.  We had several visitors with us, some from the community, and some from other congregations.  We always welcome visitors and are delighted to have them with us.  We invite you to join us for a spirit-filled, enthusiastic worship.

A Great Day Of Praise

Today was no exception to the previous wonderful days of praise and devotion.  We had a very inspiring song service and were blessed with a great attendance.  Several visitors were again present and we are just so thankful for them.    

Deacon Appointment

Bro.  David Hammontree will be appointed as Deacon on Sunday, June 20, 2021

Memorial Service for Marion Mann

The family of Marion Mann will host a Memorial Service at

Skyview Church of Christ, 5972 62nd Avenue N, Pinellas Park on

Friday, June 11 at 1PM.

There will be a potluck lunch after the service.

Ladies Luncheon

The Ladies Luncheon will meet Saturday, June 5, 11:30 at

Egg Haven Caffee (formerly IHOP))

3601 66th Way N

St. Petersburg, 33710

Fifth Sunday Song Service

Join us for our fifth Sunday Song Services on May 30


What A Wonderful Day Of Praise

God blessed us today with another wonderful day of worship and praise.  We had visitors again from out of town and local.  We had 71 in attendance and two placed membership:  Karen Hale and Ginger Elliott.   God continues to bless us with growth both spiritually and with numbers.   Sander Fletcher led us in a very uplifting and inspiring song service.   You are invited to join us and be a part of a loving, growing and enthusiastic spiritual family.


David and Deana Cole placed membership today and we welcome them into our spiritual family at Skyview.   We had a very good worship period today, with great attendance with visitors again from the community.    We are so blessed by God with growth and we give Him all the praise and adoration for His blessings on His saints at Skyview.

We are expecting, with God's help, great growth, both numerically and spiritually.    We thank Him.

Sad news

May 14, 2021

Marion Mann passed away overnight. No details for services at this time. 

A Day of Praise And Worship

We had a great day of worship and devotion to God.  A Mother's Day lesson was presented to honor mothers and to show how we need a Mother's Day Celebration to help us Appreciate Life, Understand Death, and Live a life of Holiness.  Singing was led by Sander Fletcher and was uplifting.  We had a very good attendance even though several of our members were out of town.  

You are invited to join us in an informal Bible study on Monday evenings at 6:30PM.  We also meet on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM for our mid-week Bible study and women meet on Thursday morning at 10:00AM for the W.I.N.G.S. (Women In God's Service) ladies Bible class.  You are invited to join us in any of these services.

God blessed us today

We had a wonderful service today.  God blessed us with visitors again.  Some were third time visitors from the community and some were first time visitors also from the community.   God continues to send us people who are interested in worshiping with us and getting to know us.  We were also blessed by new additions to the congregation.  Steve and Diane Harrell placed membership today and will be working and worshipping with us on a regular basis.  We welcome them and look forward to their fellowship in the Lord.

Calvin McCoy will deliever the sermon next Sunday.  All are invited to come and be with us and be edified by Calvin's lesson.

Another day of Praising God

We had another wonderful day of praising and worshiping God.  We had very good attendance and great singing praises to God led by Sander Fletcher.  We had visitors from the community, first time visitors and several return visitors.  God continues to bless us and give us growth.   If you are new to the area we encourage you to visit us.  You will find Skyview to be the friendliest, most loving and caring congregation. 

Please feel free to join us for any of our services.  We meet on Monday at 6:30PM for very informal study of the scriptures, on Wednesday at 7:00 PM for our mid-week Bible study, and the women assemble on Thursday morning for the W.I.N.G.S. class where they are studying the women of the BIble.  You will profit from any of these studies.

Covid 19

For the health and safety of members attending all services, the facility is electrostatically sanitized with a negative ion sprayer that neutralizes bacteria, the day before each service.
All are encouraged to wear masks, but not mandatory,  and use the hand sanitizers provided in the lobby. Masks are also provided if you don’t have one.
Common sense will keep us healthy. Thanks.

Another Great Day of Praise

Today we had another great day of worship and devotion.  We had a great attendance, and as usual, visitors once again.   We cannot thank God enough for His blessings on us.   Come join us and experience God's amazing love.

Record Attendance Today

We were blessed today with  record attendance.  It was necessary to put out some extra seating.  We had a very good and inspiring worship service.  Steve Harrell led the singing and Calvin McCoy presented the lesson.   We had several visitors, some from the community.  Two visitors who live in the area  who visited last week were back today and said they were looking for a home church.  We also had some out of town visitors.  It is amazing how God has blessed us with such growth even during the pandemic.  While many churches are losing members, we are growing and we thank God for His blessings on us.   You are invited to worship with us any time.

W.I.N.G.S. Ladies' class resumes Thursday, December 3

W.I.N.G.S. (Women In God's Service) Ladies Bible class will resume Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM.  The theme of the study is "The Woman Who Fears The Lord, She Shall Be Praised."   This class is taught by Chris Murray and everyone is invited to attend and participate in this study.

Following the class there will be a "Rock painting" session led by Karol Dryer.  These rocks are painted and decorated by the women and have information about the Skyview congregation on the back (Location and times of services) and they are left in public places.  This is a unique way of reaching out to people in the community.   This is not only a lot of fun, but is a very important ministry of the congregation.

Old Building

I drove by our old building this week and the demolition has begun.   A prefab building has been placed on the North end of the parking lot near 80th ave which will serve as a temporary office for the fire and rescue department of the city.  The old classroom buildings are being demolished and the driveways are being removed for new paving.  It was sad to see this as old memories returned.  This building served the needs of the congregation for 50+ years, but God blessed us with a new location and a new building.  

Services resumed

We will be assembling for worship tomorrow, Sunday, May 10 on Mother's Day.   We will be following CDC guidelines.  We want to resume our assembly for worship but use caution at the same time.  Everyone is invited to worship with us.

Bible study on Sunday, Monday PM, Wednesday PM and the W.I.N.G.S. ladies class is still suspended until further notice.




We are beginning a program designed to reach people in the community and  inform them about the Skyview congregation.   This program consists of painting rocks with church information on the back ( name, address, time of services, contact info, etc.) the front of the rocks are painted with colored designs, flowers, etc.  There will be a class on rock painting following  WINGS (Ladies Bible class), on September 26, in the West auditorium of the church building , beginning at 11:15.   This class will be open to men, women, friends, members of the community and all  others who are interested.  When painted these rocks will be placed in various locations  for people to find.  Acrylic paints, brushes will be provided.  You are asked to bring a rock of your size choice (About the size of your palm) and also to sign up so it will be known  how much supplies will be needed.  You can sign up at For more information you can contact Karol Dryer (727) 450-8570.




We encourage you to visit and worship with us and experience non-denominational Christianity.  We are a fellowship of Bible believers where Jesus Christ is Lord and everybody is somebody.