News and announcements

News and announcements


We were blessed today in our worship service as another person placed membership and joined our spiritual family.  We also had 3 new first time visitors from the community, all from different families.  They all indicated they would return.   We had other repeat out of town visitors and a good attendance.  God continues to bless us and we give Him the praise and thanks.

We began a sermon series today on "The Christian And Morality In Today's Society."  Next week we will continue to study and look at other moral issues in our society that we as Christians need to study.  We welcome you to join us and study these lessons with us.


New Members

We were blessed Sunday with a couple from the community who identified with us and want to be a part of our Skyview family.  We welcome them.  Sunday was a great day....a number of visitors....even though several of our regular members were out sick....and again first time visitors from the community.  Our plans to grow are materializing as God is blessing us.

You are welcome to come, visit with us, and become a part of the friendly, spiritual, loving family of Christians here at Skyview.  

Our Monday night Bible class has resumed and this week we had a visitor from the community to sit in the study and participate.  We meet at the building in the West Auditorium at 6:30PM

Also the W.I.N.G.S. Ladies Bible Class will resume this Thursday at 10:00 AM.  Bring your lady friends and join this group.


Today we had one of our largest crowds in attendance for our worship and praise to God.  We had several visitors and once again there was a first-time visitor that has just moved into the community.  New doors are constantly being opened and God is to be thanked for these opportunities.   2020 is going to be a great year for God's family here at Skyview.   There is much work to be done, but we are blessed with a large number of members who are willing and anxious to do the job.   Thank you to each of them.

Our new theme for 2020 is "TO GOD BE THE PRAISE."  This is what we are going to achieve with God's help.  We are going to seek out new opportunities to Give God Praise and we intend to follow through on them.

We invite you to come grow with us.


Our attendance since the 1st of the year has increased 30-40%.   God continues to bless us as we grow.  We had visitors this past Sunday, some from out of town and again some from the community.    The way God is blessing us is incredible.   We  invite you to come grow with us.  Our new theme for 2020 is "To God Be The Glory."    Our plans for this year is to do things that will give God the glory.



We are beginning a program designed to reach people in the community and  inform them about the Skyview congregation.   This program consists of painting rocks with church information on the back ( name, address, time of services, contact info, etc.) the front of the rocks are painted with colored designs, flowers, etc.  There will be a class on rock painting following  WINGS (Ladies Bible class), on September 26, in the West auditorium of the church building , beginning at 11:15.   This class will be open to men, women, friends, members of the community and all  others who are interested.  When painted these rocks will be placed in various locations  for people to find.  Acrylic paints, brushes will be provided.  You are asked to bring a rock of your size choice (About the size of your palm) and also to sign up so it will be known  how much supplies will be needed.  You can sign up at For more information you can contact Karol Dryer (727) 450-8570.




We encourage you to visit and worship with us and experience non-denominational Christianity.  We are a fellowship of Bible believers where Jesus Christ is Lord and everybody is somebody.