News and announcements

News and announcements

Worship Today Was Great

Again today we had a great attendance with visitors from the community.  Some were still not with us because of the danger of Covid 19, but we had a very good crowd and an enthusiastic worship service.   We are so grateful to God for His continued blessings on us at Skyview.   We hope that soon we will be able to resume our Bible classes and have a more personal contact when we meet together.  We invite you to join us if you are looking for a home congregation.  You will not find a more loving and caring group than the ones who make up the family of God at Skyview.    Next Sunday, August 30, Brother Calvin McCoy will be preaching.   We encourage you to come hear a wonderful lesson from Calvin.

Another exciting day of worship

We had another great day of worship and praise today.  We had a good attendance, with visitors again.  God has so blessed us with visitors at every service.  We had some from other congregations with us today.  

Today's sermon, "The Encouragers Check-list" can be viewed by scrowling down to the Facebook icon.  Be sure you have the volumn turned up.  We express thanks to Denning Andrews for providing the video equipment and taping the lesson.   We hope to provide this every Sunday.

We were blessed today

We were again blessed by God in our morning worship service.   Several are still out due to the Covid 19 epidemic, but we had a good attendance.  The singing was inspiring and there was a feeling of Spirit filled worship.  We again had visitors which has become a normal for us.   We give God the praise and glory for His blessings on His spiritual family at Skyview.

Looking forward to worshiping Sunday

After missing the last two Sundays due to being out of town, it is good to be back to worship with the brothers and sisters at Skyview.  Calvin McCoy did the preaching in my absence and as usual did an outstanding job.   We are blessed to have such great talent and ability within the congregation.   We hope to see everyone again this Sunday.

Old Building

I drove by our old building this week and the demolition has begun.   A prefab building has been placed on the North end of the parking lot near 80th ave which will serve as a temporary office for the fire and rescue department of the city.  The old classroom buildings are being demolished and the driveways are being removed for new paving.  It was sad to see this as old memories returned.  This building served the needs of the congregation for 50+ years, but God blessed us with a new location and a new building.  

Services resumed

We will be assembling for worship tomorrow, Sunday, May 10 on Mother's Day.   We will be following CDC guidelines.  We want to resume our assembly for worship but use caution at the same time.  Everyone is invited to worship with us.

Bible study on Sunday, Monday PM, Wednesday PM and the W.I.N.G.S. ladies class is still suspended until further notice.




We are beginning a program designed to reach people in the community and  inform them about the Skyview congregation.   This program consists of painting rocks with church information on the back ( name, address, time of services, contact info, etc.) the front of the rocks are painted with colored designs, flowers, etc.  There will be a class on rock painting following  WINGS (Ladies Bible class), on September 26, in the West auditorium of the church building , beginning at 11:15.   This class will be open to men, women, friends, members of the community and all  others who are interested.  When painted these rocks will be placed in various locations  for people to find.  Acrylic paints, brushes will be provided.  You are asked to bring a rock of your size choice (About the size of your palm) and also to sign up so it will be known  how much supplies will be needed.  You can sign up at For more information you can contact Karol Dryer (727) 450-8570.




We encourage you to visit and worship with us and experience non-denominational Christianity.  We are a fellowship of Bible believers where Jesus Christ is Lord and everybody is somebody.